Audio Visual

Today's audio visual is no longer just a microphone and projector. It now includes complex computer presentations in multiple formats, high definition video, and interactive technologies. State of the art and reliable equipment is paramount, but what's equally important in the quality of the people who operate the equipment. What sets us apart from our competition is:

  • The experience of our people
  • The quality of our work
  • Our commitment to service

For highly complex medical and scientific meetings, EBU Productions has a national reputation for excellence, a reputation unparalleled in the industry. Healthcare Professionals and Physicians have come to depend on us to present their scientific information and video flawlessly and with total precision.

Video and 3D

EBU Productions is a full service video production company. We focus on creating high impact marketing videos, new product videos and educational videos to help organizations and businesses achieve their communication goals. What we bring to you is simple - the creativity to design, shoot, edit, add sound and graphics to any type of video production in a way that is innovative and effective. Taking your story and bringing it to life is our passion. We move images that will also move you.

Live Broadcasts & Streaming

Broadcasting live demands experience and knowledge. There is no substitute for experience when it comes live television. For over years 25 years, EBU Productions has produced hundreds of live satellite programs and surgery broadcasts. Our team of professionals comes from a wide range of backgrounds and has over 300 years of combined experience to make your next broadcast a huge success.

In addition, our ability to package, coordinate and manage the communication links – fiber, uplinks, satellite segments and downlinks – offers turnkey management and one stop shopping for your live programming needs.

Live web transmissions have become an important communications tool in our global economy. Whether you audience is across the country or across the globe, EBU Productions can help you deliver your program for maximum impact and ensure that your audience concentrates on your message – not any technical glitches in the delivery.